January Brown Bag Lunch; Thursday, January 16, 2020,

NTEU NPS WASO: NOTICE -- January Brown Bag Lunch; Thursday, January 16, 2020, -- Topics: FY 2020 Pay, Google-MS Office Transition, Early Dismissals for Weather, Position Description Changes, Union Priorities for 2020, Wrap-up of Recent Issues, etc.

Dear Colleague,

If you are a WASO employee and are not a supervisor, a management official, or a "confidential" employee, this message is for you.  If you are a supervisor, a management official, or a confidential employee; or, you don't work in WASO, we share the following information with you as a matter of courtesy.

We cordially invite you as a WASO staff person to join your fellow employees at the NTEU Monthly Brown Bag Lunch for January 2020.  

When:   Thursday, January 16, 2020,  Noon Eastern Standard Time

Where:  North Penthouse - Main Interior Building [We will confirm the location in the Reminder notice next week]

Call-in:   877-958-6756  Passcode: 8296505 (FYI: Because this meeting is designed for WASO staff members only, we will monitor the call-ins.)

What's On The Agenda:
*    FY 2020 Pay  -- How Much and When Do We See It?
*    "Use or Lose" Leave Restoration  -- Any Problems?
*    Seasonal Bonuses From the Union
*    Holiday Leave Rules -- Any Problems?
*    Issues from Meeting Attendees  -- Union Priorities for 2020 -- What Should They Be?
*    Early Dismissal for Weather Reasons  -- Do You Have To Telework After You Get Home?
*    Google--> MS Office Transition News  -- The Union Update
*    Right to Request Union Representation  -- The Weingarten Notice -- What Does it Mean?
*    Updates to Position Descriptions --  Help From the Union
*    Mandatory Training and the Union -- A Good Example
*    Much More

At the mid-point of the “brown bag lunch” meeting, we will ask for your input about what issues or topics you would like to discuss or learn about  All of us would like to hear what the hot topics are in your office/facility.  Are there things that the Union could do to make your participation in the Union easier? 

Whether you call in or attend -- there are high quality NTEU staff members available to Union members.  Union members have access to speak/meet with our talented and experienced NTEU labor lawyers.  Sarah Riger located in DC (sarah.riger@nteu.org) and Arathi Premkumar located in Colorado (arathi.premkumar@nteu.org) - are available to advise you by phone or in a face-to-face meeting.  Sarah Riger is planning to attend the meeting.  Please give her a warm welcome when you see her.

Since we last met, your Chapter 296 leaders have been very busy on your behalf.  We have learned a lot, we have represented your interests in several settings, and we have a lot to report to you on a wide range of issues.  This is true every month. 

We will explain when your pay raise will come through and why the increase might be different than you expect. 

The 2019 "Leave Year" is now over.  The Union would like to know if you or anyone you know has had any issues related to "Use or Lose" Annual Leave.

We just completed a pay period containing three holidays.  We want to explain why holiday hours were reported differently for folks on "flexible" schedules than for employees with set schedules.  The Office of Personnel Management guidance is a little confusing on this issue. The Quicktime system should have made it easy for everyone.  Nevertheless, we would like to know if you or anyone you know had any problems with holiday hours.

This will be the first Brown Bag Lunch of 2020.  We would like to hear from you on which issues you think the Union should focus during 2020 and what our priorities should be.  Chapter 296 officers work for you.  Chapter 296 welcomes your guidance.

Recently, Washington, DC area facilities were closed and employees were directed to go home early due to forecast bad weather and roads. There was confusion over who had to telework after reaching home.  The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guidance for this event did not take into account provisions in Union Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).  We will explain how things should have worked under our CBA.  We would like to know if you or any other WASO employee that you know of had problems with the telework issue.  By the time of the meeting, we will have spoken with Management on how to correct for any mistakes that were made.  We will let you know what we have learned.

We will let you know if we learn anything more of interest on the transition from Google to MS Office.  The Transition is coming soon.  We want to hear from you about any questions that you would like us to pass on to the Transition Team. 

On January 7, 2020, we all received our annual "Weingarten Notice" regarding our right to request Union representation.  What does this mean in simple terms?  We will explain.

NPS has a Servicewide, multi--year initiative to update every Position Description that is more than five years old.  Sooner or later, you will get a notice that this will happen to your Position Description.  We will explain what you should be aware of and recommend what you should do.

We have a good example to share with you on how training should be set up on topics that our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers.

If there is time, we will provide updates on other topics.  As always, we will provide plenty of time for both 1) your questions and answers and 2) your comments and suggestions.

All WASO staff members are welcome!  Please join us.  Bring a friend or listen in with one!  Enjoy lunch with your co-workers while you learn the latest news from Chapter 296.

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