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Need Reasons to Join NTEU?

1: NTEU is the fasted growing federal sector union, currently representing some 150,000 employees nationwide.

2. Not a day goes by that NTEU nationally and locally isn't working for your rights as a federal employee

3. NTEU is the most powerful, pro-federal employee lobbyist on Capitol Hill, constantly testifying before Congress, rallying and petitioning on behalf of members for equitable pay, benefits and more hiring

4. Members are protected through aggressive court actions spearheaded by NTEU's Office of the General Council

5. Members receive job-site representation on a daily basis from well-trained chapter officers and stewards

6. Professional representation is provided to members in EEOC proceedings, hearings before the Merit Systems Protection Board, replies to proposed suspension, demotion or removal based on unacceptable performance

7. Members receive the national NTEU Bulletin and local chapter newsletters filled with legislation, litigation and negotiation updates, NTEU victories and member benefit information. Members can also subscribe to the weekly e-Bulletin for news and information

8. Members elect their chapter officers, have a voice in the direction of the chapter and ratify their NTEU/agency contract

9. NTEU is always working to improve the image of the federal employee in the media through legislative actions

10. Skilled negotiators represent NTEU members at the bargaining table resulting in effective and all-encompassing NTEU/agency contracts to protect employees' rights

11. All members in good standing receive a free $1,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy

12. Members are eligible for: short-term disability, universal life, professional liability, auto and homeowners insurance; and discounts on moving expenses, car rentals, hotel/motel stays and more 


Just fill out the simple form and hand it to a Union Member. Jennifer Wellock is our Membership Coordinator

Dues Information:

Dues are based on your GS level. Download spreadsheet with the dues information (2016)

Need More Reason to Join?

What Makes NTEU The Voice of Federal Employees?
Download our flier that describes how NTEU is your voice

Download our Member Benefits Guide (pdf) covers insurance, auto, shopping, home, health care services, travel, worker compensation, moving, and consumer information

Day In and Day Out NTEU focuses on improving your work life and protecting your rights

Life with NTEU vs. Life Without NTEU

Still have doubts?

How to Respond to Doubters: This 12 page pdf gives the most common questions/doubts given for not joining the Union and provides answers. Such as:

  • I get the union for free, why join?
  • Management gets around the contract whenever it wants to
  • The Union shouldn't represent "bad" employees
  • Costs too much
  • I don't like something the Union negotiated
  • and more


NTEU National Union Fights for Federal Workers

NTEU is Fighting to protect our jobs and our rights on the job. NTEU is fighting for fair pay. NTEU is fighting to retain health and retirement benefits. NTEU also opposes a host of bills that hurt federal employees. Find out about the BILLS THAT MATTER

How to Join?

Just fill out the simple form and hand it to a Union Member. Jennifer Wellock is our Membership Coordinator


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